Uriel and the Interplanetary Confederation


In 1973, through a series of mental communications, Uriel contacted the leaders of thirty-two planets as part of the Master Plan to rejoin these worlds with planet Earth to form an Interplanetary Confederation.

Uriel’s contact with the planetary leaders served to spiritually awaken, to polarize each planet, in preparation for the reunification of the Interplanetary Confederation. In the initial contacts the leaders, who were all spiritual polarities of Uriel, related the various and sometimes drastic conditions on their worlds: wars, misuse of technology, environmental disasters, overpopulation, etc. After the polarization—the projection of healing energies from the higher spiritual worlds, demodulated through Uriel’s consciousness—each polarity was able to receive spiritual help through the Lens and to introduce the Unarius Science of Life teachings to their world. With each recontact, some within a matter of days and some within several weeks, the polarities related how their problems had already begun to be resolved.

Interplanetary communications were established with each of the thirty-two worlds, resulting in their physical rejoining as the Interplanetary Confederation. Having learned the lessons of their karmic past history, these worlds are now using their advanced scientific knowledge and technology for positive, peaceful purposes: helping themselves and other earth planets throughout the galaxy to move forward in their progressive evolution. The Interplanetary Confederation planets are way-showers and examples of a higher way of life that can and will be realized here on Earth.

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